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[sticky post] Moving this thing

So with this site no longer using https, and the new terms of service agreement that came out, I'm moving my journal here, since they have a handy import feature. Honestly, the change in the service agreement prolly doesn't actually mean anything for me, but its a little weird.

I mean, the site has been based in Russia for a while, and apparently the majority of their customers are there or in Europe. But the new ToAS makes it clear the website is governed by Russian law. Which again, prolly doesn't mean anything for me, but I don't want to accidentally post something that isn't in accordance with that. So safest to just starting blogging somewhere else.
TV commentary:

Supergirl- Heh, this whole situation is so confusing. spoiler cutCollapse )

The Gifted- Wow, that's not going to turn out well. spoiler cutCollapse )
TV commentary:

Dirk Gently- Damn, poor Dirk (and Ken!) spoiler cutCollapse )

Discovery- Weird! spoiler cutCollapse )

Oct. 13th, 2017

TV commentary:

OUAT- Pretty tricky, show. spoiler cutCollapse )
TV commentary:

Voltron- S4 came out on Netflix today. Though its a little ridiculous calling it season four since its obvious its just the back half of the previous season. So, its disappointingly short. But still pretty good. Though the way you hear some people on tumblr talk about it, its the worst thing ever.

Mostly because I think those people had expectations for their ships and characters that didn't pan out. Which character development is good, and I definitely want to explore the characters, but at the same time, its about a bunch of people trying to overthrow an evil empire. And its like "Oh no, how dare this show make progress on that front rather than deal with shippy stuff!"

I mean, part of the problem is that they decided to split the season into two, so as I said, this "season" is woefully short. And given one ep was a character driven side quest (which really paid off!), and the other was a comical ep, that's like a third of the season right there, not leaving room for much else.

spoiler cutCollapse )


Oct. 13th, 2017

TV commentary:

Arrow- The outcome of the explosion is not surprising at all. spoiler cutCollapse )

Supernatural- Ah, the old nature vs nurture argument. spoiler cutCollapse )

Oct. 12th, 2017

TV commentary:

Gotham- Playing the long game. spoiler cutCollapse )

The Orville- Pretty dark ending, but it makes sense it would play out like that. spoiler cutCollapse )


TV commentary:

Riverdale- Heh, what kinda dog and pony show is Sheriff Keller running?! spoiler cutCollapse )


TV commentary:

NCIS- Heh, even though I called it a few minutes into the ep, I think this was a pretty good one. spoiler cutCollapse )


TV commentary:

Legends of Tomorrow- I get what they were going for there, but I'm not sure those would all happen. spoiler cutCollapse )

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